Hippocrates said "Let Food Be Thy Medicine And Medicine Be Thy Food".  Everything we need to nourish and heal our bodies comes from organic pure live food, not prescription drugs. Drugs only treat the symptoms and DO NOT CURE anything. We need to get to the root cause of what is going on. 

Disease and illness is usually caused by two things: lack of nutrition and toxins, both from food and the environment.  Most Americans are eating dead food that does not provide any live nutrition. We need organic whole live food to make new healthy cells and to keep us from disease and illness. Inflammation, from what we eat, drink, breath, and put on our skin, causes most all major diseases. Keeping inflammation down is one of the key things needed to be healthy and to age slowly. Below are some of the most important nutritional products for your health.

Balance Oil (Video Above)

The Food Balance Test tells if the foods your eating are making you older faster or keeping you younger longer. 

Before you start with the Balance Oil, take the Balance Test. Your test results are ready in about 2 weeks. Then after taking the Balance Oil for 4 Months, you will receive another test so you can retest yourself to see the improvement.

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