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Xp3 Fuel Additive

 Save Money on Gas

Be Green. Drive Clean. Your Health & Wellness depends on it.

Start saving money the next time you fill up

With the cost of gasoline and diesel fuel rising and the price of maintaining a vehicle increasing, drivers are demanding proven, environmentally safe methods to save money at the pump and increase the life of their engines. Xp3 is a professional grade fuel enhancer made from a combination of synthetic resins and organic compounds. Xp3 works effectively with all classes of gasoline and diesel fuels, and has proven to reduce fuel consumption, maintenance costs, and lessen toxic emissions.

Proven performance with every tank

Established track record since 1989

25 year proven track record of protecting engines

Sells over $3 billion per year commercially – you know it works

Never harmed a single engine – use it with confidence

100% biodegradable – Xp3 is safe for the environment

Using fuel not treated with Xp3 is literally costing you money

Literally costs you thousands per year NOT to use Xp3

Currently over 1 billion gallons of fuel treated annually

Be Green. Drive Clean.

Reduces levels of toxic emissions

Xp3 is a combination of synthetic resins and organic compounds

Contains no alcohol, aromatics, or naphtha

100% biodegradable

Environmentally friendly

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Formulated to improve the performance of your vehicles

*Increases fuel efficiency, saving money at gas pump

*Improves combustion to increase engine power

*Cleaner running engine

*Stabilizes light and heavy oils

*Reduces corrosion to increase the life of your engine

*Disperses water in fuel for smoother running engine

*Improves engine starting and avoids pre-ignition

*Improves the stabilization, lubricity, and 

     detergency of the fuel

*Protects against fuel gelling and freezing

*Reduces toxic emissions, DEF use, and DPF


*Cleans and protects vital engine components

*Improves the lubricity and detergency of fuel

*Extends engine life and reduces maintenance costs

Xp3 works with all classes of engines that use gasoline and diesel fuel. Use Xp3 in every tank of fuel to experience the benefits and savings yourself!

Passenger Cars, Trucks, SUVs

Fleet Vehicles


Farm Machinery

Construction Equipment



Recreational Vehicles



Stationary Generators

Lawn Mowers


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Xp3 Demo Test

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