Pamela Thorn CH, CA, BP

Pamela lives in Jordan, MN with her three dogs, Xavier, Phoebe, and Sophie. Her office is in Burnsville, MN. She enjoys camping, the theater, music, reading, and painting. She is passionate about educating people on the real truth about health & wellness and helping people take control of their own health.

She is a Master Hypnotist, a Certified 5-PATH Hypnotherapist, & a 7th PATH Self-Hypnosis Instructor. She trained at the Dynamic Minds Hypnosis & Training Center in Minneapolis, MN.  Pamela does Hypnosis in a five phase process called 5 PATH Hypnotherapy. She is member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. Pamela adheres to the National Guild of Hypnotists Code of Ethics.

Pamela is a Certified Health Coach trained by Beyond Organic which was founded by International Nutritionist, Jordan Rubin.

Pamela is a Certified Aromatherapist through the International Certified Aromatherapy Institute. Pamela has also taken a Certificate Program in Essential Oils at Normandale Community College taught by Jodi Baglien.

Pamela is also a Natural Health Practitioner as well as a Bio-Energetic Practitioner. She has been trained in Morphogenic Field Technique which tests & increases the size of your energy field using nutritional supplements, Homeopathic Remedies, and Botanical Herbs to aid your body's healing process, in turn increasing your energy field. She is trained in Energetix Homeopathic Remedies, Botanical Herbs, Halo Photon Light Therapy, and in Far Infrared Light Therapy, & Ionic Foot Detox Cleanse.

She took BodyTalk Fundamentals 1 & 2 with Wendy Nelson, CBTI and is a Body Talk Access Technician. She uses BodyTalk when needed with her clients.